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Ezie Bee Manuka Honey Gift Packs

Long recognized for its unique properties, Manuka Honey is only harvested in New Zealand. Exported to many countries, Ezie Bee has created a range of prestigious packaging to present its Manuka Honey as a celebrated gift item.

Manuka Honey is only harvested in New Zealand!

Manuka Honey Story

Manuka Honey is nature’s special gift. Tall and spindly. Manuka trees are generally close-cropped together and grow to a height of three meters. In spring the canopy bursts into white flora, deepening into pink at the pestle. The flowers produce a unique combination of pollen and nectar. Foraging worker bees harvest this placing it in sacks at the top of their legs and return their valuable cargo to the hive. When worker bees find a rich source of flora, they fly back to the hive and perform a dance which attracts other workers who fly out and harvest the source, sometimes flying up to two kilometres at a speed of 26km an hour.
Located in the hive, a single queen bee is fed Royal Jelly, a product refined by internal worker bees who are also responsible for making bees wax and refining the nectar and pollen into honey. The honey is stored for future use in comb structures for future energy source, the excess of which is harvested by bee keepers, also known as APIARISTS.
Meanwhile, the Queen Bee is specially tendered by a dedicated group of worker bees who maintain the cleanliness of the hive while she produces up to 1500 larvae a day which incubate in the honeycomb and hatch 21 days later as worker bees. Worker bees also control the internal temperature of the hive maintaining 35⁰C by beating their wings to control the circulation and air temperature.

Fact: Bees travel up to 7200km to produce just one KG of honey!

Product Range

Ezie Bee Manuka Honey is specially crafted in Gift Packs to present to friends and family as an esteemed gift. Attached to each Gift Pack is a unique swing tag describing the New Zealand Manuka Honey Legend.

Gift packs

manuka honey gift pack 250 gram
250g Gift Packs available in 5+


manuka honey gift pack 500g
500g Gift Packs available in 5+
manuka honey gift pack twin 250gram
Twin 250g Gift Packs available in 5+


Manuka Honey contains unique properties that set it apart from other honeys. Methylglyoxal has been found to be present and is known for its Peroxide Anti-bacteria activity. Bees as foragers do not necessarily concentrate on harvesting Manuka plantations – as a result each batch of Manuka honey is processed and independently tested by a certified laboratory to assess its grading per the table opposite.
EXAMPLE: 8+ reflects 180mg/KG methyglyoxal (MGO)
Methylglyoxal Anti-Bacteria Activity (NPA)
MGO 85 85mg/KG 5+
MGO 180 180mg/KG 8+
MGO 265 265mg/KG 10+
MGO 515 515mg/KG 15+
MGO 835 835mg/KG 20+
MGO 1205 1205mg/KG 25+

About Ezie Bee


Our Company prides itself on Quality Assurance. (QA) Ezie Bee is E-Certified by MPI Ministry Of Primary Industry NZ to ensure the quality and integrity of our Manuka Honey Products.

Ezie Bee Manuka Honey is harvested and packaged in New Zealand!

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